About MAAC

About MAAC

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is the media & entertainment education brand of Aptech Ltd., a global learning solutions provider that commenced its education and training business in 1986.

MAAC operates through a network of centres worldwide, and has prepared lakhs of students for jobs in the media & entertainment industry. The Academy provides quality education in animation, visual effects, gaming, filmmaking, multimedia, web design, graphic design, and more through job-oriented courses.

MAAC courses are thoughtfully designed by experienced faculty to provide student thorough insights about the dynamics of the multimedia and animation industry. Students at MAAC get the opportunity to work in a studio-like environment, practice on industry-specific software, attend course-specific workshops and participate in studio visits.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) symbolizes the creation of a fresh and fascinating world of Media and Entertainment. MAAC is known to be a high end institute of Animation & VFX learning by dynamically evolving and innovating itself over the years. It holds the exceptional ability to offer its students a wide range of well-defined course curricula. The interactive sessions designed by MAAC along with the experience of industry experts motivates and provides its students with a professional platform to learn, upgrade and showcase their talents.

Need for MAAC

The Media and Entertainment sector in India grew at13.4%, more than the nominal GDP OF 10%, to reach INR 1.67 trillion in 2018 compared to 2017. It’s further expected to cross INR 2.35 trillion by 2021, at an annual growth of 11.6%.

The development of India’s digital infrastructure has given a boost to gaming as a segment, which witnessed significant growth in 2018.

The film segment also grew mainly due to the international revenues generated by Indian films. India also regained its stature as an efficient and high – quality outsourcing destination which led to corresponding growth for animation, VFX and post – production business.

MAAC’s offer

Courses in Animation, VFX, Multimedia, Gaming , Broadcast, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These are customised to suit the demands of the rising Global market.

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